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Assignment 1- Digital Deepak

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At the outset, thankyou Deepak for organizing this internship program for beginners.

In the first class, we were introduced to the digital deepak internship account and how to register into the same. Each one of us used our UPI IDs and emails to register and instantly received a 200 Rs bonus into our Google Pay amount, which was really cool!

Deepak started the first class by guiding us to write down our goals with respect to our ambitions related to Marketing in terms of sales skills, communication skills, social media skills such as blogging, affiliate marketing, start up company, etc. The purpose behind this exercise was to identify one specific area on which we want to focus on, to help achieve that specific goal through this internship. 

We were further introduced to a concept called ‘Finding the Gold’. We live in a dynamic market which is ever expanding and therefore it is essential to look at the consumer demand.. A demand is created whenever a ‘need’ or a ‘desire’ is arised by a consumer. To fulfill the same, new niches are identified and created. This in turn helps to introduce enhanced versions or sometimes new product line inventions.

Deepak further went on to discuss Global economics. He correlated the population age with the economy. Younger the age, more is the average spend, hence the economy of a country goes up. However, the older the age (i.e., above 50 years), the lesser is the average spend and therefore the economy goes down. He further spoke on how Debt creates money and what happens to the economy during recession. To enhance our knowledge on economics, he suggested to us all some great books such as ‘Economic 101’, ‘Currency Wars’, Wealth of Nations’, etc. 

Today communication is an essential part of personal and professional life. He stressed on how to improve and master communication. Simple tips such as reading books, thinking in english, listening to podcasts, writing blogs, watching english sitcoms, and stand up comedy that show local slangs that helps connect with people better.

He further explained why Digital Marketing as a concept will never go away. The world is moving from physical marketing to digital marketing. Today everything is marketed using technology. Therefore anything that is marketed using technology (such as internet, phone, etc) can be termed as Digital Marketing. We can reach more people at a faster rate and save on indirect spends through Digital Marketing.

Deepak also introduced us to the Integrated Digital Marketing framework. To start with IDM, it is important to identify your niche. He explained that the three major niches are Health, Wealth and Relationships. Individual niche should be a combination of one’s talent, passion and the current opportunities in the market. To see whether or not your niche has a demand, it is important to explore the market demand. The same can be done by using Google auto suggests, a website called which shows the top things being searched by consumers across the globe, by looking at amazon reviews, then by talking to customers and by looking into the aftermarket services of various products.

He then taught the importance of building our own personal brand. He said to overcome the hesitation and fear and to go ahead to post your content without trying to fit it. Be original and be yourself. Publish your content on various platforms in different forms- this will help owe more of the internet with your content. The benefits of building your personal brand is that once you build your content and start putting it out there in the open, people start wanting more of it. You create a brand of yourself through your content. People are interested to hear from people and not from brands. Say today 10 people know you because of your personal branding, these 10 people will tell you about your brand to 10 more and then those 10 will tell further to 10 more. This will help in getting you to reach a lot of people and become famous with your niche. Interact with your audience by writing blogs, publishing your own videos and by speaking with them in public.

Last but not the least, he introduced how the ‘Funnel’ works.He taught us that initially we should keep our content free to the public to view and browse. And after that start charging a small amount for the same. You have to make the funnel automated and build relationships on automation with the folks who are entering your funnel. It is important to get 1 million people on top of the funnel and 1000 people at the bottom of the funnel. All your potential customers lie on top of your funnel where you introduce your brand to them. The bottom of the funnel is where sales conversion occurs.

In totality, this was a good introduction to the basic things involved in Marketing and its fundamentals. Thank you Deepak for encouraging beginners to pursue their goals through your internship. What I loved the most about this batch is that there are so many students from various industry backgrounds. This helps to add on to individual knowledge. I look forward to the next class.

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