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Assignment 2- Digital Deepak

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Marketing is about good conversation. If you cannot converse well one to one then you cannot converse well 1 to many.  It is essential to build the trust factor with your audience. If you build the trust with the audience, you can convince the audience too. As a marketer you should be capable of causing someone to believe that something is true or real. Be authentic to communicate better. Today there are many fake people with social personas. Everyone is attracted to someone real. Therefore, be authentic. Digital Marketing is all about mass communication. People with more life experiences are better with Marketing. Being a Marketer is about connecting different things. It is important to connect with your audience. One must travel a lot. Learn various languages. Build more relationships with people. Do new things every day. Whenever you’re faced with an opinion. Try to see if you can challenge that opinion, try to see how flexible you are. This will help give you flexibility as a Marketer. It will help you look at things from different angles and give you perspectives that you weren’t aware about earlier.


One must understand its Audience. Not everyone can be your audience.  One must define its target audience through the Customer Avatar. Customer Avatar helps to define your audience and their likings and interests better. Every time you write an email, write to one single customer at a time. Grab attention of one person at one time through emails. Each one of us have our mobile phones, hence the impact is more if you write a 1:1 email to your customer audience. You should join mental conversations. This is why emailing and messaging is more powerful than social media. Deepak then introduced Law of Large numbers. It basically means that you can predict the outcomes of random events for a reasonable accuracy when you have large numbers included. This is extremely important for marketing.

Focus on the centre, not on the edge

Define your customer Avatar well. Example- If you’re aiming at say a 20-year-old guy/ girl, then reach out to that age group only. Do not try to reach out to people more than 20 years. Focus on your target customer avatar. When you’re creating content, speak to one person. Everyone outside the circle will still feel that they are related to you. As part of the exercise, Deepak asked us to create a Customer Avatar form on google forms, where he asked us to get at least 3 minimum responses. Below is the Customer Avatar form that I have created. The response on this form was amazing and it really helped me understand mu niche better. Thankyou Digital Deepak for introducing us to this. The data that I received through this form helped me analyse my niche and target audience better.

Awkwardness is an indicator of Learning

Deepak further stressed on the fact that if you ever feel discomfort in learning a new thing, it means it is challenging your already set assumptions on things. Awkwardness challenges what you already know and creates new beliefs and way of thinking. It creates a new path in your Neural network. The more uncomfortable you get, the better you learn.


In a nutshell, this was an excellent class that challenged students to go out of their comfort zone to understand their target audience better. This gave each one of us a first hand experience in marketing our survey first and then trying to analyse our survey responses. Going back to what Deepak highlighted in the beginning of the lesson- Learn>Do>Teach. This is exactly what he made us do in this class. Thankyou Deepak for this wonderful session!