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Digital Marketing Classes

Who Should  do a Digital Marketing Class?

A business owner / professional / blogger / student of the 10th class and above should do digital marketing. We conduct online digital marketing classes to enhance digital skills for students, professionals and business owners. For students, the aim is to help them acquire a skill and be able to start a career in digital marketing. For professionals and business owners the desired end state is that they can make impactful contributions to business so that their sales volume is enhanced.


Our courses are live and interactive online on Zoom, so any questions or concerns can be addressed immediately. We ensure that course participants complete as many practicals as possible in order to build confidence and the necessary theory for a better understanding of the subject. In addition, to live classes, we hold quizzes and exams to grade participants. All qualified participants receive certificates.

What happens if you miss a class?

There are times when a participant must miss a class due to unforeseen circumstances; in such cases, we provide class recordings to the person who missed them. At the end of the course, all participants receive the complete course package recordings as reference material.

Why should you enrol in our Digital Marketing Training Courses?

a. Because our courses are significantly less expensive than any other live interactive course on the market.

b. Our Mentors are highly qualified and have extensive training experience.

c. Our class times are convenient for the majority of people.

The Digital Marketing Courses we offer are:

 Content :

  • ➜ What is Digital Marketing?
  • ➜ Who all can do Digital Marketing?
  • ➜ What qualifications are required to do Digital Marketing?
  • ➜ What is the power of Digital Marketing?
  • ➜ Introduction to Search Engine Marketing(SEM).
  • ➜ Introduction To Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
Time – 8pm to 9.30 pm every Tue & Thu. Next Batch commencing 03 Jan 2023. Contents:
  • ➜ What is Digital Marketing?
  • ➜ How to create a Google my business account/Google Profile manager and do’s & don’ts to rank.
  • ➜ Introduction to Canva and wordpress to make posts and insert FB pixel.
  • ➜ How to create Facebook page and how to run facebook ads.
  • ➜ How to create a google ads account and run search and display ads.
  • ➜ Requirements for Small Business digital set up.
  • ➜ How to read Facebook and Google Ads insights.

Time – 8pm to 9.30 pm every Wed. Next Batch commencing 04 Jan 2023.


  • What is SEO?
  • Why Should you do SEO?
  • What Is Keyword Research?
  • Types of keywords?
  • How does a website rank?
  • What is indexing and crawling?
  • Understand Google Algorithm.
  • Hygiene and technical checks on site.
  • Onpage SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • ➜ Overview on search engine marketing
  • ➜ Search campaigns (ppc)
  • ➜ Google display network
  • ➜ Shopping & mobile only ads
  • ➜ Campaign optimisation & performance tracking
  • ➜ Custom audience & remarketing

Content will be updated soon.


  • ➜ Introduction to WordPress
  • ➜ Creating Posts
  • ➜ Creating Pages
  • ➜ Managing Media
  • ➜ Themes and Customizing Site Appearance
  • ➜ WordPress Plugins
  • ➜ Managing Your User Profile
  • ➜ Maintenance and Security
Fees Structure
Courses Market Price Our PriceRegister Now
 Digital Marketing course for (Business Owners/Professionals)    ❌ Rs.15000 – 45000    ✅ Rs.7500
 Digital Marketing Course for Students    ❌ Rs.15000 – 45000    ✅ Rs.7500
 Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) Course    ❌ Rs.15000 – 20000    ✅ Rs.7500
 Search Engine Marketing Course(SEM)    ❌ Rs.15000 – 30000    ✅ Rs.7500
 Social Media Marketing Course(SMM)    ❌ Rs.15000 – 30000    ✅ Rs.7500
 WordPress Website Development Course    ❌ Rs.15000 – 25000    ✅ Rs.7500
So if you are interested in starting a career in digital marketing or growing your business and are looking for guidance, please sign up for our courses.


sanjeev deshpande
Cdr. Sanjeev Deshpande, Veteran Digital Mentor 12 Years Experience in Digital Marketing- Awarded by World Digital Congress Marketing
Pallavi Shendge , Digital Mentor - SEO, SEM, SMM -06 Years Experience in Digital Marketing- Google Qualified
Mayuri Gaikwad, Digital Mentor SEO, SEM, WordPress, HTML, JS, CSS -08 Years Experience in Digital Marketing . Worked for Meta Vendor


We understand your requirement and provide quality tutions.
A training on Digital Marketing from a passionate & experienced professionals.. He trained with 80-90% practicals & hand holding to each individual... No need for any technical background... value for money course
Vikas Bhardwaj
Very structured and detailed course that explains the nuances of digital marketing. Excellent stepping stone for business owners and enterpreneurs who will directly benefit from the learning, as well for those aiming to make a career in digital marketing
Rajendra Dave
Perfect course to start in the amazing field of Digital Marketing. Well planned, where you are hand held and taken to a level where you are confident of taking projects on your own
Girish Atrawalkar

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